ApowerUnlock – Practical Tool to unlock iOS Screen and Apple ID

ApowerUnlock is a smart and professional tool specially developed for removing Apple ID or unlocking iOS devices locked screen, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. If you forgot iPhone/iPad passcode or get your iOS device locked for some other reason, you can use it to unlock your device and make it work again in just a few minutes. 

ApowerUnlock – Practical Tool to unlock iOS Screen and Apple ID

Key Features of ApowerUnlock:

  • Supports unlocking iOS devices without passcode
  • Allows unlocking an iOS device no matter how it gets locked 
  • Bypass all types of iPhone passcodes, including digital passcode, Apple ID, Touch ID, and Face ID.
  • High compatibility with iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.
  • Intuitive interface and easy to handle

Steps to unlock your iPhone/iPad screen

  • Connect your iOS device to PC using a lightning cable. 
  • Select “Unlock Screen”. 
  • Choose a firmware once your iOS device is recognized. 
  • Unpack the firmware. 
  • Start unlocking your iOS device. 

Steps to unlock your iCloud or Apple ID

  • Connect your iOS device to PC with a lightning cable. 
  • Select “Unlock Apple ID”.
  • On your iOS device, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset”, select “Reset All Settings” and confirm.
  • Start unlocking Apple ID. 

System requirement: Windows PC

To download this tool, please visit here: https://www.apowersoft.com/ios-unlock

Activation code:  3679F-CFB5N-R5B0Q-21F1E


  • This activation code will expire in 7 days. Please use it before August 23, 2019.
  • The license can be used for 1 time unlocking in 1 year once fully activated. 

Activation Method:

  1. Register an account using your email. 
  2. Click the avatar icon on the upper right side of the interface, then click the “Activate VIP” button, and enter the activation code, and then your account will be fully activated.

Gmail account login – How to use gmail easily

Gmail is an email software and it’s a branch of software that comes under the mighty brand company Google. Compatible with all the devices around such as Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS, Gmail is highly intuitive and versatile. And the best part? It is also completely free to use. It is very easy to use to and  highly efficient with a perfect speed; Gmail is indeed a professional mailing software. And the real catch? It is completely safe and hence perfect for handling private user data. Gmail provides its users with a highly safe working environment by making sure that all the user data is encrypted with the industry standard 128-bit encryption.

If you want to know how to login to Gmail, here’s what you need to know.

Gmail account login - How to use gmail easily

Gmail account login at Gmail.com

The fiest you need to creat an account. If you already have a Google account you needn’t to sign up. You simply follow these easy, hassle-free instructions and you’ll be just seconds away from accessing Google’s full range of services, including Gmail,Calendar,  Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Store and many others…

Step 1
You make sure you have either a current working browser version (i.e., Google Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.) or a Gmail app on your device. Normally, current browser versions are downloaded by default in your mobile phones or other devices, so this is step is really about ensuring that you have a working browser. However, you need to download the Gmail app on your device via Play Store, AppStore, or the Microsoft Store.It depends on your device.

Step 2
You can download gmail app by click these links

  • For Android:
  1. You can download Gmail from Google Play by click here
  2. You can download Gmail apk by click here
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
  • For iOS: you can download this app from Apple Store by click here
  • For Windows Phone: you can download it from Microsoft by click here
  • For PCyou can use a browser, simply go to the search bar and type “Gmail” and click over the link “https://mail.google.com“.

When you get to the Gmail website, you click on sign in at the top right side of the website. A tab requiring login information shall pop up.

Step 3
You input your Google account email address first and then you click next. Another tab requiring the password would appear where you are to type your password. Once done, you click next again. Wait a second, you will be taken to your Gmail account. You now can use and access all the features of Gmail.

For the Gmail app, you need to put in the same information. When you have done, you will be taken to the Gmail mailbox as well. However, it is advised that you grant permissions to this application on your device to gain the most of it. This can be done at the time of downloading it, or by enabling the permissions via settings.

Tip: if you don’t want to repeat the same process over and over every time you enter your Gmail account, you just check the “stay signed in” box below the “sign in” blue box.

Common issues faced when you log in gmail

There are primarily two issues users come across.

  • The first is that after you input your information, they are not directed to their mailbox and are instead notified that the username does not exist or the password is incorrect. In that case, you should simply write down your information again checking out for spelling errors, lower  and upper case letters, and any numbers or signs if used. This is because Gmail is highly sensitive to changes in these things, and it will not allow you to access your account due to safety reasons. However, if you are sure about your information being right, you may contact to Google customer support in case of this technical issue.
  • The second one is Gmail takes too long to respond. In that case, you reset your internet router or simply check out for your internet connection.

You can log in multiple Gmail accounts at a time

If you have more than one Google account, and wish to manage them simultaneously, you can log in into multiple Gmail accounts at a time.

Gmail allows you to keep more than one account and Gmail lets you log into them and use them by switching on a computer. And the Gmail mobile applications also allow this switching of accounts as well and is surely handy for some people here. Now for those wondering how to do this, simply follow these steps:

Step 1
In order to log into more than one account, you simply go to Google accounts, and sign into your Gmail.

Step 2
After step 1 you tap on the profile picture of your Google account or the initial as many have. You will find this profile image at the top right corner of your window tab.

Step 3
You have to now click on the ‘Menu,’ and then select the option of ‘Add account.’ When you have, you may follow up the instructions it requires you to do in order to sign in into another account.

When you are done, you may easily switch within these accounts whenever you want, and use them all effectively.


You can set up Gmail two step authentication to protect your email

Despite Gmail’s high functionality, you always have had security concerns and questioned if what they have been using or intend to use is safe. Indeed, security concerns are a legal right of a common person, and hence, are valid. Fortunately, Gmail is a truly safe electronic mail software you can trust. It makes use of the industry standard 128-bit encryption to encrypt user data and even offers security features such as the “two-step verification” for further safety.

The two-step verification security feature helps you to protect your account with both the password and the phone. When a person or even you try to sign in into your Gmail account, a code is sent to you via a text, voice call or the mobile app. This code is needed to access your Gmail account.

It adds more the security, many users quite love this feature. The real question is, how do you enable two-step verification?

Step 1
If you use a computer, you use a browser such as Google Chrome to sign in to your Google account. Then you click ‘security’ on the left navigation panel. Once done, you get to the ‘2-step verification’ on the ‘sign in to Google panel.’

On the contrary, if you are using the Gmail application on your Android handset, you simply go to Settings.

Once there, you click on Google => Google accounts. At the top, you are to then click ‘Security.’ Tap ‘2-step verification‘ under the ‘signing into Google account panel.’

For iOS, you tap on the following in the following pathway; Gmail application => Settings => Your account => Manage your Google account => Security (at the top) => 2-step verification ( it under the signing into Google panel).


Step 2
You get started with the 2-step verification then. Then you choose a second verification step from either texts, voice calls, security keys, or Google prompts.


Step 3
You may skip step 3, but it is highly advised not to. This step is about setting up backups. You simply follow step 1 and add a second alternative for the 2-step verification then. You do it helps you get back to your account easily if you lose your mobile phone, SIM, or the security key.It also makes your account even safer and easily accessible to you if it gets hacked.

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How to Install Apk Files on Android

What Is an APK?

An APK (Android Package Kit) is a type of file that installs an application for Android. It likes a file you run to install programs on Windows or Mac (known as an executable (EXE) for Windows, or a package installer (PKG) for Mac).

In that case, the APK file is simply the installer file you need to install applications on your Android device.

Here’s a simplified explanation of what an APK is, but it helps you to understand why you click on the file on your Android device will install an application.


Today I will show you How to Install Apk Files on Android

Normally, your Android device only allows you to install apps from Google Play Store. If you want to install software anywhere else, you have to enable installation from third-party sources. That is, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.

  • From the Homescreen you go to Settings => More.
  • You go to Security >> Device administration.
  • You check “Unknown Sources

How to Install Apk Files on Android

This will help you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store. According to your Android models
you may need to adjust something. For somebody, simply go to Settings => Security and make sure Unknown Sources is checked. Sometimes you meet the problem and you can’t download apps.

You remember to make sure the Unknown sources is checked so you can download apk files other than the Play Store.

Why do you need to download apps from “Unknowns sources”?

If you know your apps have updates, but the Play Store hasn’t yet pushed it to your device, all you can do is wait. If you want to get software from the Play Store but you have to download the APK manually to get around regional restrictions, you won’t be able to install it without enabling access to unknown sources. I provides apk files with no restriction of region. You can get apps here wherever you are.

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